The RetireeFirst Experience

As one of the first companies to offer a true full service advocacy and enrollment support program for the union retiree marketplace, Labor First’s proprietary administrative technology allows employers and plan sponsors to alleviate financial liabilities, while providing the high level of post-retirement health benefits and advocacy retired participants deserve.

Our RetireeFirst private platform combines the best of both personal health advocacy and cutting edge administrative technology, provided through a member-specific web interface. Our mission is to provide Medicare-eligible seniors a better retirement experience, by providing them with direct access to the tools, information and support necessary to make informed health decisions with positive long-term outcomes. Unlike other platforms, which require participants to self-navigate through an impersonal and complicated online enrollment process, with RetireeFirst each member is assigned a dedicated Retiree Advocate. Our Retiree Advocates serve as their guide to help them steer through our nation’s complex healthcare system.

Whether it’s initial plan enrollment, questions about coverage, paying your premium, or even scheduling a doctor’s appointment, with RetireeFirst members have access to the answers and support they need right at their fingertips. Moving forward, participants have the ability to easily access any of the relevant health information or documents important to them through their online profile. They can also directly contact their personal advocate who is familiar with their situation.

As seniors age, their healthcare needs often change as well. Our Retiree Advocates will assist members and address any healthcare needs that exist today, or in the future. In the post PPACA world, union and public sector plan sponsors continue to be committed to providing health care benefits for the most valuable of participants – Retirees.