Retiree Advocacy

When facing a serious health problem, it is easy to become confused and even frightened by the complicated healthcare system. You need experienced help to navigate the confusing choices available. A Member Advocate is your guide through the medical maze, essentially a project manager for your healthcare.

The Labor First team of Member Advocates work to support and promote patients’ rights as they steer through our nation’s healthcare system. Whether or not you are ill, managing your health can be confusing and overwhelming. When things go wrong, it can be hard to get your voice heard by the medical professionals around you. Healthcare providers do not intend to make things difficult for patients, but the system is so complicated that there is not much time for compassion and understanding.

Each member has direct access to a Member Advocate who they know by name, and is always available to assist them with learning about their health benefits, options and resources. Our team of experienced Member Advocates can effectively help a member manage their healthcare by removing obstacles, providing timely access to care, delivering personalized treatments, and promoting safe, quality outcomes. We have years of experience dealing with health issues, including coordinating services with doctors/specialists, hospitals, insurance companies, ancillary providers, and other health clinicians. Whether it’s answering little questions, finding a doctor, insurance problems, selecting a nursing home, questions on coverage, financial problems, or whatever your healthcare problem is, we are here to make your retirement experience a healthy one.

Member Advocacy Service Model Highlights:

  • Dedicated call center with Member Advocates they know by name
  • Physician and pharmacy assistance on a real-time basis
  • Outbound three-way calls to Medicare, vendors, providers, pharmacies and Social Security
  • Follow-up calls to members after a healthcare date of service, to review any additional needs
  • Claims, billing and payment support
  • Help with filing applications, including Low-Income Premium Subsidy (LIPS) filing assistance
  • Assistance with pharmacy related questions such as generic availability, prior authorizations and mail-order services
  • On-site retiree educational seminars and retiree club breakfasts, allowing retirees to become familiar and comfortable with our team